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Hello I’m Regina

Having RISEN up from the inner-city to the corporate inner-circle, I have always had a belief that anything is possible (if you work hard enough). This is what drives me, and as an experienced Career Strategist & Personal Branding Executive Coach I challenge others to do the same as they pursue their career passions and dreams. 

I take a holistic approach in training that focuses on self-discovery, social synchronicity and professional presence. Bringing over twenty years of corporate experience working in the private sector and as a People Leader at a Fortune Global 100 Company, I utilize my relationship sensibilities, coaching experience and connection abilities in everything I do to deliver my clients with direct, dynamic and practical solutions to their career situation. I work with clients ranging from young professionals, to middle management and c-suite to identify, strategize and realize career aspirations.

"In a nutshell, I help individuals and organizations by driving engagement and accountability to unleash potential!"

I believe greatness lives in all of us.

Sometimes however, it’s hidden. Buried under expectations, fear, stress and a lack of belief in ourselves. I help you cut through the noise, honing in on your personal greatness. And then
co-create a plan with you that puts it into plain sight, for all of the world to see​.

I believe everyone is capable of making an impact.

But not if they feel trapped, uninspired or lost. The people who make an impact are the ones who wholeheartedly believe in their cause and make an unwavering stand in what they do. Tapping into their passions and finding their authentic voice makes this truly possible.

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